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Have you picked LADY SUNSHINE, SUMMER HOURS, or THE SUMMER LIST for your book club? (nice choice!)
I’d love to visit in person if you’re near Portland, or via video chat.
Here are the discussion guides to get you started (spoiler alert):
Lady Sunshine discussion guide (pdf, 100KB)
Summer Hours discussion guide (pdf, 84.9KB)
The Summer List discussion guide (pdf, 94.6KB)

Media Downloads

Lady Sunshine cover  High Res (1594X2400, 1.77 MB)   Low Res (480X723, 97.1KB)

Summer Hours cover  High Res (1819X2700, 876KB)   Low Res (480X712, 122KB)

The Summer List cover  High Res (2400X3600, 2.35 MB)   Low Res (480X720, 96.5KB)

Photo: Briena Sash

Amy Mason Doan head shot  High Res (2048X1365, 1.23 MB)   Low Res (720X480, 51.2KB)

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